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I have just been adding a new page to the Holistic Yoga with Ray website. Ray is a client that I’ve never actually met in person even though she’s based in county Cork too. The new page is about yoga for stress and anxiety. Ray is unusual because she is a one on one yoga teacher so she teaches individuals rather than large classes so it’d suit someone who was too shy to go to a large class.

Personally I only did a yoga class once. I found it hard because I’m very inflexible – but by the end of the 8 week course I could touch my toes and I was thrilled about it. I think one on yoga would be better. The course I did I attended with a friend and she’d grown up doing gymnastics and was still super bendy as a result. I felt like a very crap yoga pupil.

Anyway if you are in Cork and want to start yoga just for fun or to manage a more serious condition like Fibromyalgia you should get in touch with Ray.


Yoga is simply harnessing the power of our bodies and minds to heal and transform.

ASANA – is the practice of physical yoga postures that teach us to strengthen weak muscles and stretch tight ones improving our overall strength and flexibility. By also relaxing the body and mind they allow recovery from fatigue and stress.

PRANAYAMA – are breathing practices. The conscious deep breathing practiced during yoga helps us restore calm and balance in the mind and body.

AWARENESS -Yoga helps develop and deepen the relationship between mind, body and breath. As we expand our awareness through the practice of yoga, we become more capable of seeing the abundance that life has to offer.

MEDITATION – helps us go beyond the busy mind into the stillness of awareness. It creates space for our senses to turn inwards for a period of time so we can let our minds rest and find peace.

In yoga it’s not just what we do that matters, but also how we do it. Through conscious breathing, movement, and attention to the physical postures, we are able to cultivate self awareness.

Reena Sathiakumar

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