Testing an Oovoo embedded video chatroom

I’m experimenting with embedding a video chat room using oovoo as a client has asked about doing something like that and now I’m like a dog with a bone trying to figure it out.

I’ve downloaded the Oovoo SDK for web and there’s a simple html test file that I’m meant to add in app id, token and conference ID, and redirect url to but it’s a bit unclear.

So I’ve messaged Oovoo to see if they can help me and I’ll update this if I get a response to help others.

Display post listing differently if there’s more than 3 in the category

Basically I just wanted to display only titles with a link in a page sidebar for posts in a category where there were more than three but I wanted to show the full content for a category where there were less than three.

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Change single.php for posts in child of category

Sometimes WordPress can tie you in knots trying to figure out something that should seemingly be simple. In this situation I was searching for a solution to make wordpress check if a single post was in a child category of a specific category and if it was to show a particular single-id.php template. I didn’t want the post to be assigned to both the child category and the parent, that would have been easy!

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EU referendum – what a sham

A referendum on something with such huge implications as EU membership is utterly inappropriate. No-one in the general population, save a few scholars, can possibly have studied the political, social and economic effects of such a decision in enough detail from enough perspectives to make such a call.
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To use colorbox lightbox for native wordpress gallery

I was gutted that changes in the Gallery plugin that I was using (Envira Gallery Light) were such that it was rendered incompatible with my theme templates – I had been using the in page / in post gallery builder element to dynamically use the uploaded gallery images as featured images and also to call the gallery automatically. Continue reading “To use colorbox lightbox for native wordpress gallery”