Very pleased with how the veg garden is going this year. This is what’s planted:

  • A there’s new potatoes “Homeguard”
  • B there’s sweetcorn with courgettes and we popped in a few dwarf bean seeds
  • C sprouts and a few french marigolds
  • D runner beans “Firestorm” mixed up with morning glory and sweet peas
  • E is still empty
  • F is still empty
  • G new potatoes “Homeguard”
  • H main crop potatoes “Setanta”
  • I main crop potatoes “Setanta”
  • J onions “Stuttgarter” and I planted some carrots and beetroot – but they’ve struggled from seed so I’ll replant with beetroot I started in the tunnel
  • K is still empty
  • L is still empty
  • M there’s Peas – a mixture of “Onward” and Pea ‘Terrain’

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