Trying to get the old gardening mojo back again. Started off by planting some potatoes. I have to say I haven’t followed all the rules and there’s no compost dug in or anything but it’s cleared of weeds and planted and I’ll feed them with a liquid feed once every week or two.

In beds A and G there are Homeguard first earlies and in beds H and I there are Setanta main croppers.


Wiki says: Home Guard is a potato variety grown mainly in Ireland. Oval Shape. It is an early variety with moderate to low yields, typically harvested and available in shops by mid May. The flesh is white or cream coloured, but shows a tendency to discoloration when cooked. It is susceptible to several diseases, including blight, potato cyst nematode and powdery scab.

So I’d better not leave them in the ground too long!


This is another Irish floury potato but it’s a red main cropper.
A new Irish potato with very good blight and high scab resistance.
Red oval tubers, medium yellow flesh; excellent yields.

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