I really feel that this has been a dark week for Britain, Europe and the world in general. All except for Wales playing so well in the Euros and beating Belgium so decisively. But football is a distraction and I am aware of the manufacture of consent through sport etc. I stilled loved the match though!

So where are we at? The wrong people are having influence. Farage despite being an MEP and not winning a seat at the last election has been propelled into a position of unwarranted power and influence. Johnson has scuppered his plans for leading the conservative party because he didn’t mean to win, he wanted to “nearly win”.

Labour has imploded and Corbyn is looking desperate and out of control. The parliamentary labour party don’t seem appealing either, they have made a total shambles out of a period that coukd have strengthened labour.

Northern Ireland and Scotland are exploring ways to leave the UK.

Ireland is trying to figure out how it will be effected whilst processing an unprecedented number of passport applications from British not wanting to lose their rights as an EU citizen.

Trump is still rolling on into the whitehouse and clinton still has the FBI investigation hanging over her.

There’s been two awful terrorist attacks.

Really it’s been a bad week for all but the welsh

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