Testing an Oovoo embedded video chatroom

I’m experimenting with embedding a video chat room using oovoo as a client has asked about doing something like that and now I’m like a dog with a bone trying to figure it out.

I’ve downloaded the Oovoo SDK for web and there’s a simple html test file that I’m meant to add in app id, token and conference ID, and redirect url to but it’s a bit unclear.

So I’ve messaged Oovoo to see if they can help me and I’ll update this if I get a response to help others.


Oovoo showed themselves to be very helpful and I got the demo to work but it only works on sites with ssl enabled.

To get it to work you just add the app token on line 12 and set the sandbox to true on line 26 in the video_demo.html file

Then you upload it and on visiting the url the video conference kicks in automatically. Tested it with three machines and it worked.

But note that it seems to use flash and doesn’t work on iPads also the documentation says it doesn’t work on explorer or safari browsers and you have to have a valid SSL cert on the server that you use it on.

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